8 Ball Pool Hack 2018

8 Ball Pool Hack 2018 – Cash and Coins Cheats

8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is one of the oldest and finest pool games ever made. It has been every player’s favorite game for over a decade, as it was one of the first few games that had multiplayer features. In the game, you are placed against a randomly selected opponent from around the world and the player who pots all the balls first, wins the game. the game and our 8 Ball Pool hack is available on browsers and pocket platforms i.e. Android and iOS, which denotes that you can play the game on the go as per your wish.

8 Ball Pool Hack

For those gamers who are not aware of the rules of 8 Ball Pool, good news is that there is no long list of rules that you have to follow! The rule is very simple – the table consists of 15 Balls; 7 Solids, 7 Stripes, and 1 Black ball. The player who pots the first ball, either Solids or Stripes, has to pot all other balls of the same group.

Once you have successfully pot all Solids or Stripes, then you can pot the Black ball too. If you have pot the black ball before potting other balls of your group then you lose the game. This is because; the black ball needs to be potted only after all the balls of your group are potted.

The game basically works on two types of currencies, which are Coins and Cash. If you want to be better than other players in the game then you will require good amounts of both these currencies in the game and this can be done with 8 Ball Pool Hack.


They are the primary in-game currency, which can be used to place bets and purchase different cue sticks. You can earn Coins in form of daily rewards and can also earn them by winning matches. The amount of Coins won in matches depends on the amount of stakes you have placed in the match. You can also generate coins with 8 Ball Pool Cheats 2018,



Cash is the special in-game currency, which can be used to purchase superior cues and can also be used to pay fees for participating in tournaments and championship. There are instances where you can earn Cash in the game; such as, leveling up and winning tournaments or just by trying out 8 Ball Pool hack 2018.

You can purchase the required amount of in-game currencies with real money or you can gather them by working hard in the game. Most of the gamers prefer using 8 Ball Pool Hack for acquiring loads of Cash. The game has different loops, which can be exploited in order to gain in-game currencies. Some more ways through which you can get good amounts of currencies are mentioned below.

Invite Friends:

Making friends is extremely rewarding in Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool game, as you get 500 Coins for every friend who joins through your invite. So, try to invite as many friends as you can, because each friend who joins the game contributes 500 Coins to your Coin pile.

Hourly Rewards:

You can earn 25 Coins as rewards every hour. The reward automatically becomes available for you to collect. So, try to collect the hourly reward as many times as you can in the game to fill your coffers.

Watching Videos:

You can earn 15 Coins by watching every ad based videos. This can be done for a couple of times every day. It is a great way to generate some quick bucks.

Daily Spin And Other Mini Games:

You will be given one spin daily, which gives a reward on spinning the wheel. The rewards that can be earned from spinning the wheel are up to one million Coins. You can also play other mini games such as Hi-Lo, surprise boxes, and scratch and win in order to gain additional Coins and Cash.

Complete Offers:

The game features an offers window, which shows the list of all available offers as well as rewards that are associated with the completion of offers. The offers includes; installing and trying third-party apps. You can earn decent amount of Coins and Cash by completing these offers in the game.

Winning Matches:

The best way to earn Coins in the game is by winning matches. However, you can win matches only if you have the best cue sticks. So, try to purchase the finest stick as they can change the course of the game. Possession of skills is vital for your success; but also remember that a good cue stick is equally important!

If you use the aforesaid tips then you can easily collect good amounts of Coins and Cash; that too by doing smart work. That said; here are some of the fine features of 8 Ball Pool game, which has made it one of the coolest multiplayer games of all times:

Amazing Gameplay:

Since its release, 8 Ball Pool game has been providing players with an amazing real-time gaming experience. The graphics of the game are pretty decent as you can play the game on devices with low hardware.


The game can be played on multiple platforms; such as, browser and pocket platforms. Moreover, the game features cross-platform compatibility, which signifies that if you have a game account then you can play the game on any of the three platforms or all three platforms; as per your desire.

Multiplayer Experience:

You can go through the best multiplayer gaming experience with this game, as it has been catering to gamers for over a decade. You are paired with a randomly selected player from across the globe and each player has to play for certain stakes. The player who wins the game takes the money. If you lose the game, you can request for a rematch or you can choose to play with a different opponent. Or if you are too lazy just try our famous 8 Ball Pool Hack.

Socially Connected:

You can connect your social networking accounts to the game. Once done, you will be entitled to some add-on features. You can request a match from your friends with or without stakes and if they agree then you can spend some quality time with them. You can also invite other friends who haven’t tried the game so that your gaming circle increases.

Practice Table:

The game has a practice table where you can practice shots without paying anything. If you want to improve your game, then playing on practice table can help you to a great extend. Playing on practice table also helps to focus on your techniques, so that you can get better as you keep progressing in the game.

Other Game Modes:

The game features other game modes such as 9 Ball Pool, Tournament, No Guideline Matches, etc., which can be unlocked after reaching a certain level in the game. You can also take part in championship in order to earn big rewards. Tournament and championship are based on 8 Ball Pool rules, but rules of 9 Ball Pool is different.

In 9 Ball Pool, there are only 9 Balls on the table with numbers marked on them from 1 to 9. Your objective is to strike a ball as per the sequence. For example; if ball one is potted then you can strike ball marked as 2. If you hit any other ball then it will be considered as a foul. In this game, it doesn’t matter who pots maximum number of balls, as a player who pots ball 9 wins the game.

Different Cue Sticks:

Your game not only depends on your skills but to a good extent it also depends on the quality of stick that you use. Initially, you are assigned with a beginner stick, which doesn’t provide good benefits such as precision, shot assistance, etc. In order to make your gaming experience more comfortable, you can purchase different sticks that provide better features. Most of the sticks can be bought anytime, but some of them can be unlocked after reaching a specific level.

To conclude, 8 Ball Pool game is an extremely addictive game due to the above-mentioned features. So, start using 8 Ball Pool Hack Cheats and playing this game as it is a good way to spend some quality time with friends and family.


8 Ball Pool Hack